Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brinley has Pneumonia

Well, Brinley has been off antibiotics for 9 days now, and did ok for the first bit of that, but she now has pneumonia. She has lost 3lbs in the last 4 days and won't eat. She has been back to the vet, had a chest X-Ray and is now on antibiotics. Working hard to get her eating and fluids in her, she will go back to the vet in 5 days or sooner if nothing improves.

Fingers crossed for the little trooper.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big News!

Big news, big news!!!! It is official Brinley is becoming a permanent family member. After spending the last few months together and missing having our own boxer we have decided that Miss Brinley will stay with us, we will be officially adopting her, and continue to deal with any of her outstanding medical problems.

Olly the Pug gave his paw of approval and is glad to have a new roommate even if he won't share the bed with her.

Brinley started dog school this week and was bumped right into the intermediate class,

Brinley will continue to blog for all her fans so you can keep up on all the exciting things that happen in the day to day life of the once furless Boxer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A long weekend at the All About Pets Show

Brinley had to work really hard this long Easter weekend. She spent all day Friday and Saturday entertaining the crowds at the All About Pet Show, encouraging people to visit our booth and pay her with some tummy rubs.

The All About Pets Show is a pretty busy place with thousands of people coming through over the course of the weekend, but nothing phased Ms. B, she cuddled up on her mat and took it all in from a puppies view.

She was a gracious host to all who stopped to get to know her, providing an ever ready belly to rub to all, ever the tiniest of kids got a chance to give her a little tummy rub.

And of course she was paid with many belly rubs and compliments on how cute she is, but you can't take a dog to a show and not buy them some new toys! Brinley, who may be the most ball obsessed Boxer I have ever met.....much more like a Lab or a Retriever, got her very own CHUCK IT, and stock of tennis balls as well as a brand new squeaky ball that is big enough that it doesn't fit under the couch!

Now we have one very tired little pup on our hands!