Friday, March 26, 2010

It's hard being famous.....

A big week in the life of a little dog! Brinley did her tour of duty this week appearing on Animal House Calls with me on Tuesday, (will replay this Saturday March 27th @ 10am) She did a fantastic job, was super well behaved and calm, and made sure to put on her really cute face whenever the camera panned over her.

With her 2nd TV appearance in the last couple of weeks, she is now recognized at the dog park, people will ask "Did I see that dog on TV?" Of course she doesn't let her knew found fame go to her head, she's just glad that she is now a furry dog like the rest of them!

Back to the vet this week only to find out she has a staf infection, so new meds added to the Boxer Pharmacy......

Other than that she is still eating the vegetarian food, double what it recommends for her size and she has not gained an ounce, so she is still a whopping 38lbs.

On a good note the Puglet has lost weight through all the cardio he has been getting when he chases her at the park.

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