Monday, March 22, 2010

The trouble you can get into when you set your mind to it!

So as a puppy grows, they learn, they test the limits and they have lots of fun. As Brinley has gotten more comfortable we have been giving her some time out of the crate while we are out of the house. Generally if we are not going to be out more than an hour or hour and a half we will try her out of the crate. We do our best to "set her up to succeed" we ensure we don't leave tempting things out for her to get into, we put out a good supply of toys and bones, made sure all "potty duties" were completed outside before we left and off we went to leave the puppy monster to her own devices to see if she could handle some alone time free in the house with the puglet.

Now up until this point we had tried this several times, and generally if the time frame did not exceed an hour or so we came home to puppy slumber and no issues. So on this particular night we ran a bit behind and were out for close to 2 hours....and we did a very poor job on our "set her up to succeed mission." We had left a very tempting sample can of hair product on a table that was at easy nose height. My hair dresser had given me this great product to try, but apparently with her new furry self, Brinley thought that this would be a great product for her long locks. So she had a chew party with the can, which of course sprayed product all over the floor, all over her and anything else she directed it at.

Two hours later we returned home to a dog that was basically stuck to the hardwood floor (this is some sticky hair product when sprayed by a dog and likely licked to ensure it stuck well to the floor.) Brinley's feet were pretty much suctioned cupped to the floor, she had hair product on her face and particularly on her nose, which she obviously used in replacement of the thumb she is lacking, and then it seems that she took her sticky nose and rubbed it on her fluffy bed so that she had a nice array of fluff all over her nose. This was quite a site, but due to the floor situation I could not even get the camera to take a picture I had to get a bucket and start un-sticking the puppy monster from her predicament......and all the while she was as happy as can be stubby tail wagging the whole time and a bunch of kisses.

The Puglet on the other hand was mortified at this terrible behaviour and would not come anywhere near the sticky floor and spent the night glaring at Brinley with such disdain.

About an hour later and 16 floor washes on hands and knee's, and a full dog wash, floor is not sticky and dog is not as sticky, nose is still a bit tacky......

Lesson learned, as Foster Daddy says - all items to higher ground, or as I say, dog must go in the crate!

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