Monday, March 15, 2010

She started out like a lamb....but now she is a full puppy, hear her roar!

Brinley is now the Queen of this castle, the Puglet's (Ayla our former foster puglet is in the picture with Brinley and Olly.) She has everyone human and canine companion alike bowing to her every need and being very tolerant of her puppy antics. Olly has even become tolerant of the "toy drop" this is a special move Brinley does when she wants Olly to play (which he rarely does.) When Olly won't engage in play she will pick up toys and proceed to drop them on him....his head, his back, whatever, and she doesn't stop at just one, she has been know to bury him in toys. Olly will refuse to engage in any play when she does this and instead he allows her to bury him in the toys, he will continue to lay there with his eyes closed.

Brinley's TV appearance on Friday was a great success, she charmed everyone along our walk on Queen Street and right through the TV Station, being the ever gentle puppy that would simply sit and wait to be pet. Brinley has excellent manners and is a great listener. She is fully house trained and goes to the door every time. She absolutely loves the ball and would fetch all day if she could. She reliably catches the ball and brings it right back to you so that you can do it again. At the park she is the biggest ball stealer going and will even try to put more than one in her mouth at a time. She plays very well with the other dogs, and will recall away from the group when I call her. She is by far the fastest dog in the park, tearing a brindley streak through the off leash with many dogs hot on her heels, but none that can actually catch her, (this of course makes her even happier, and she gets that really proud prance when they all give up!) Walking has become much easier and she actually gets pretty excited when the leash comes out, bouncy around, but as soon as the collar comes out she sits patiently and waits for the collar and leash to be put on.

Best of all she now has 95% of her fur back. It is a bit thin in spots, but every inch of her has some.

We had a small party at the house this weekend with about 35-40 people over at first she was super nervous and chose to go upstairs to one of the bedrooms and lie on the bed, but as more and more people visited with her she finally decided to come down.

Once downstairs she checked everyone out, but then curled up on the couch and snored the rest of the night, nothing could faze her.

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  1. Fantastic news for Brinley, on all counts!!
    Many thanks to her fantastic foster home. That means you too, Olly!